Thakkar & Co.

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Too often accountants are forensic experts who analysis financial mishaps once they have happened, the business owner is left at his devices to manage his business till this time.

At Thakkar & Co, we promise to change this outlook of accountants by taking a role of business advisors. We readily become a part of your business and help is only a phone call away. Advices for profitable business operations are our aim and we are there to solve all matter pertaining to cost-effective business experience.

At Thakkar & Co, our advisors promise to assist you in maximising your business and re-structuring your finances in the most economic way possible. We can also to provide interim management accounts at regular intervals to ensure that your business is on course against the business plan and budgets set in the beginning of the year. Our advisors will enable least variances in the targets set to ensure successful and profitable business operations.

At Thakkar & Co, we can ensure that we will not be a mere spectator of your business mishap, but will focus upon ways to improve your position.